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Friday, August 17, 2012

Benefits of Consuming Coffee

Caffeine in coffee is known not good for health. However, there are some interesting things about the health benefits of coffee for you that maybe some people do not know.

Although excessive coffee drinking can increase the levels of stress hormones cortisol and encourage dependence on caffeine, Here are 7 areas where the consumption of coffee may be beneficial if you limit the cream and sugar in the coffee.

Coffee Prevent Gallstones

Harvard researchers in 2002 found that women who drank at least four cups of coffee a day are at 25 percent lower risk of gallstones. An earlier study found similar results for men.

Coffee Reduces the Level of Depression

According to the 2011 report in the Archives of Internal Medicine, women who drank two to three cups of coffee daily were 15 percent more likely to develop depression, and those drank four cups a day, 20 percent lower.

Coffee Can Boost The Memory

Coffee may help levels of the long-term memory and short term. In a 2005 study presented at the Radiological Society of North America, the researchers found that consuming two cups of caffeinated coffee increases the short-term memory.

Coffee Prevent Breast Cancer Risk

Coffee consumption has been associated with decreased risk of breast cancer, prostate, endometrium, and liver cancer, and those associated with obesity, estrogen, and insulin. A 2008 study in Sweden found that drinking at least two to three cups a day may reduce the risk or delay the onset of breast cancer.

Coffee Can Increase Your Metabolism

A study in 2006 confirmed that the coffee beneficial to increase metabolism and last longer in lean women. More recently, researchers found that green coffee beans are taken as a supplement to promote weight loss, an average of 17 pounds in adults over a period of 22 weeks. The researchers did not think it is the caffeine, but, chlorogenic acid, which can reduce the absorption of glucose.

Coffee Reduce the Risk of Parkinson's

The Journal of the American Medical Association in 2000 found that caffeine intake may reduce the risk of suffering Parkinson's. A 2010 study found that drinking two to three cups of coffee per day can reduce up to 25 percent risk of developing the disease.

Coffee Boost the Stamina

A study in 2008 concluded that the benefits of caffeine can help athletes perform better during weight training, even when lack of sleep.


  1. I love coffee.
    I am completely and totally addicted.

    And now it's healthy for me. ( Glad I didn't give it up 10 years ago when they tried to make me believe it was going to kill me.) herbal pills

    1. Good to you..!
      but, i suggest you to do not overdo it.. :)