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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Elisany da Cruz Silva
photo : dailymail

She was just 17 years old, but the body height of Elisany Silva da Cruz is more than 2 meters. No wonder if this girl is touted as the world's tallest teenager.

While walking on the beach with her boyfriend, Elisany da Cruz Silva looked like she was holding a child whose height is less than Elisany chest. Height her boyfriend, Francinaldo da Silva Carvalho (22 years) classified as normal, ie 163 cm. Which actually not normal is Elisany, because she had gigantism. To kiss her boyfriend, Elisany should bend.

worlds tallest teen
photo : detik

Elisany high growth reached 15 cm per year, or three times more than normal children. At age 14 years, her height has reached 206 cm.

Elisany da Cruz Silva, world tallest girl
photo : whatsonshenzhen

This Salinopolis teenager experiencing gigantism due to a tumor growing on his pituitary gland. She growing faster than her seven siblings since she was 11. However, her growth that very rapid have an impact on her health, especially the legs and joints. Now she often experience pain in the limbs, joints and chest, as well as a severe migraine attack. Two years ago doctors had raised the gland, her body had already started to shrink. But her tall height still not fit into the school bus.

This sweet girl really wants to be a model. Unfortunately, her height that far than the normal person makes she rejected by some modeling agency.