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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dr. George Preti
Dr. George Preti (photo: fotokimpoi)
For most people, body odor is extremely avoided because they interfere the comfort. But for this scientist, body odor is a source of livelihood. Yes, he was a professional observer of body odor.

The refrigerator in the laboratory of Dr. George Preti is full of the odor. Not because the owner lazy to clean, but because it is diverse sample odor especially body odor.

Stored in the refrigerator the different types of smells from every part of the body, from the armpit to the groin. The smell varies, there is no the same and certainly not fragrant enough to be enjoyed.

"The smell of the human body is not the same. Hair smells different from your mouth, your mouth is different from the armpits, groin different from armpit, and groin smells different to smelly feet," says Dr. Preti.

As an observer body odor that everything is not fragrant, Dr. Preti also has a favorite smell, that is smell of 3-methyl-2-hexenoic acid. These compounds contained in human sweat and the smell is described as a unique and easily recognizable.

"These are complex compounds that cause the smell of sweat is very recognizable," said Dr. Preti who said that the smell is often found in the armpits, especially when you're sweating.

Dr. Preti has worked as an observer body odors over 40 years, since joining the Monell Chemical Senses Center Philadelphia in 1971. Some of the findings include that the male body odor can reduce tension and increase relaxation in women.

Besides research, he also serves treatment especially for rare cases like trimethylaminuria or abnormality that makes someone's body odor become fishy like rotten fish. It is estimated there are only 700 cases in the world, 115 of them being patients of Dr. Preti.


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