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Thursday, January 3, 2013

vaginal health
tight jeans isn't good for your vaginal health (photo:

One of sexually transmitted diseases that often strike is a fungal infection. The emergence of infections caused by the decreased immunity. This fungal infection can lead to other sexually transmitted diseases that certainly harming your health.

If you feel a continuous itch in your vaginal area, it could be that this is a form of fungal infection. Itching is usually followed by the onset of viscous fluids, rash, pain, or a burning sensation during urination.

Sex does not have to be avoided if you are exposed to fungal infections. But would be nice if you treat the fungal infections first. The infection is associated with a weakened immune. To recover, you must rest and take medication with your doctor immediately.

Avoid things like the use of a pair of jeans or underwear too tight, making the area around the vagina hot and humid. Eating doctor prescribes antibiotics or eating yogurt or other foods with prebiotics will help you overcome this fungal infection. Additionally, avoiding sexual activity during fungal infection will also speed healing. (az)


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