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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

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Tricks to Lose Weight with a Color Strategies
Color Strategies to Lose Weight (photo:

Diet to lose weight such as limiting food portions, avoid eating fatty foods and so would seem difficult to live. You can deal with diet by applying color management strategy.

Some colors can affect appetite and limit the desire to overeat naturally. These weight loss diet strategy that referring the colors, as reported by the Reader's Digest :

1. Contrasting Colors: Helps Control Food Portions
According to researchers from Cornell University, combines a variety of colorful foods in one dish could prevent a person from overeating. The scientists found that people tend to take more food if it only consists of one color only.

Pick a few meals with a variety of colors, for example, combines white rice, lean chicken, green vegetables, carrots, and so on. The authors state that the difference in color helps make the brain more aware of portion sizes.

2. Natural Color: Helps Control the Appetite
According to experts, natural colors like blue color makes people eat less. Choosing a blue plate that can help control your appetite because food look less appealing when served on a blue plate.

If not, you can put a blue painting on the wall of the dining room or put a blue tablecloth so you do not overeat because of high appetite.

3. Sort Food by Color: Helps You Choose Healthy Foods
Put food in the refrigerator by sort first, for example grouping healthy foods like green vegetables in the front of the refrigerator for easy access. Then the less healthy foods, such as lemonade or soda on the back so that hard to take.

According to a team of researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital, it helps you choose healthy foods that can promote weight gain.
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