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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How to Make Exercise Fun

Let’s face it: sometimes it’s hard to pick up your gym bag to fit in a little exercise in for the day, but it is a great habit to get into. The best part of exercise is where it can be done; locations seem to be endless: the gym, your house, the beach, the mountains...there are so many great places you can get a good work out at it seems like there should be no excuses. People always say you should exercise because it's good for you but the real question is why? Exercise can benefit people at all ages and conditions so no matter what time of your life it is you can always gain from getting regular exercise or physical activity.

There are many benefits to exercise but of the most appealing is that exercise helps control
your weight. With the help of a little exercise you can either lose weight or keep from gaining weight; it's your choice. Exercise also helps tackle some diseases or health conditions such as heart disease, arthritis, type 2 diabetes and many more. Along with these diseases exercise is only a positive when it comes to your mood. With regular exercise you can get the happy juices flowing because working out stimulates certain brain chemicals that leave you happier and more relaxed once you are done. Even though you may leave the gym relaxed you will also leave with more energy; exercise increases your muscle endurance and strength. Exercise helps your heart and lungs work more efficiently so the pay off is more energy through out your day. Once you are done with getting more done through out your day because you have more energy because you exercise you will then start to notice that you are getting a better nights sleep. Exercise is one of the best ways to guarantee a great nights sleep.

Even though exercise may get repetitious at times which then leads to boredom on of the best qualities of exercise is that it can actually be a fun way to spend your time. Exercise does not always have to take place in the gym or on a machine. Even though home gym equipment such as treadmills or ellipticals can get the job done, there are much more fun ways to exercise. Enjoying the outdoors through exercise is a great way to socialize with your friends but also get your work out in for the day. For instance, tackling some local trails for a hike or going a intramural sports team or running club is a great way to meet new people, enjoy what your doing and then you hardly realize your exercising. If you get bored with what you are doing always remember you can just try something new like a dance class or yoga.

Overall, exercise or some kind of physical activity can be a fun and easy way to feel better and just benefit in all areas of your life. Your exercise routine does not have to take you your whole day either; by taking at least 30 minutes out of your busy schedule everyday you will notice the advantages instantly.


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